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    Skepchick Sundaylies! with Gravitational Waves, a Frontier Suffragette, and Joining the Military to Pay for School

    Sunday Funny: The autism-vaccine link no one is talking about. (via SMBC) Mad Art Lab Dr Phil Plait aka The Bad Astronomer Explains Gravitational Waves The Gang on Mad Art Cast talk gravitational waves with Phil Plait. Lavinia Waterhouse: Gold Rush Physician, Frontier Suffragette Dale recounts the life of a physician, businesswoman, and suffragist who advocated for the health of…

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  • Science

    #AskAChemist: Is a NFL QB’s fancy water just BS?

    In this episode of Ask A Chemist… “Help him with what?,” you might be asking… I believe @Recovery_Water helped prevent me from getting a concussion based on a bad hit! ? #NanoBubbles — Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) August 26, 2015 As you may imagine, Russell Wilson’s assertion (and subsequent clarification) that Recovery Water helped prevent a concussion was treated with… ummmm……

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