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    ICYMI: September 22 – September 28 on the Skepchick Network

    Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 66: Walk the Plank! Mindy continues her discussion of center of gravity. Speak Your Mind: Your Brain on Blogging Does writing help you make better arguments? Rape as Backstory: Not Buying It Women have to be hurt to be considered strong? Olivia is so over that. Mad Art Lab Brian Cox Paper Doll Here…

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  • COTW FTW!*

    What a great week! We introduced the first ever Skepchick podcast, coordinated a nationwide Skepchick protest day tomorrow, and did a bunch of other rad stuff until today when we all ate a truckload of sugary pastries. Or, maybe that was just me? Comment o’ the Week! It was tough this week, mostly because Sam nominated an entire thread, proving…

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  • Comment! O! The! Week!

    Is it Friday? Already? I guess that means it’s time for a short-and-sweet Comment o’ the Week! I’ve got a whole lot going on this week, as I’m sure some of you have guessed (particularly those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook), so I’ll cut to the chase. I didn’t consider any comments left in response to this month’s…

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  • Comment o’ the Week! Where Snark Wins the Day.

    First of all, I’m a dummy and forgot to remind you all to purchase your tickets for the 18th First Annual Ig Nobel! It’s happening next Thursday and is sure to sell out, so go. GO! Wendy and I will be there, and if enough of you are in the area, we can hit the bars afterward. Please post below…

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  • Comment o’ the Week, Ye Skeptical Scallywags

    Yar, ’tis Talk Like a Pirate Day but I just can’t keep that up through an entire CotW post. Sarrrrrrry. Before I get to the big show, I’d like to make note of the fact that Donna, who has written 250 posts on Skepchick since December of 2006, will be scaling back a bit on posting. From now on, she’ll…

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  • Comment o’ the Week & an Ever So Gentle Reminder!

    Another crrrrrazy week has come to an end, dear skeptical friends! A lot has happened here on Skepchick — some lulz, some spats, a closed thread — but the single most important event was this: I totally added a rad new plug-in that lets you reply to comments quickly and easily! Just click the little arrow by the post number.…

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  • COTW: Giant Slug Edition

    End of the week, kiddoes, and what a week it was! I think we had more comments and new blog registrants than ever before, thanks to PZ Myers trashing a cracker, Elyse trashing Santa, a crazy guy trying to trash the site, and the Skepchicks just plain gettin’ trashed. (For all you new commenters, head on over to to…

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  • Comment o’ the Week: Very Special Monday Edition!

    Hello again, darling Skepchick readers! The long holiday weekend allowed me to take off for the rolling farmlands of my South Jersey home, but sadly interfered with my usual Friday posting of the Comment o’ the Week. With that in mind, I give you a Very Special Monday Edition of CotW. There were a lot of fantastic comments, including this…

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