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    Fellow Atheists: Quit Bragging About Our Prison Underrepresentation

    Dan Arel’s piece on atheists and the prison population has been making the rounds, along with the seemingly inevitable assertion that the statistics prove that atheists are no less (and perhaps) more moral than theists. I understand the impulse. Truly, I do. Every time I speak at a high school or in any other context where I’m engaging a theist…

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    From a Former Employee: 5 Reasons #CVSQuits is a Smokescreen

    [Edited for clarity.] This morning, the Internet was all a-twitter about #CVSQuits. CVS Caremark, the company that owns the CVS Pharmacy chain, has announced that CVS stores will be phasing out the sales of tobacco products. The move is an excellent publicity stunt, but, in my view, not terribly meaningful in terms of helping people’s health. Here’s why, based on…

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    Atheist Priorities in Fundraising

    Consider two examples of crowdfunding projects aimed at atheists. Just before the holidays, Secular Student Alliance announced that it would be matching funds donated to the Los Angeles-based Women’s Leadership Project. As stated on its Indiegogo page, Women’s Leadership Project (WLP) fills a vacuum in a school district that has few programs that specifically address the intersection of sexism, racism, misogyny…

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    Why Are You an Ally, Anyway?

    No, really. What’s your motivation to call yourself one, and maybe even to act like one? This is the part where I talk about myself in an attempt to make it less about me (and you, if you’re also an ally rather than part of a marginalized group when it comes to one or more forms of oppression). I have…

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