• Skepticism

    Five Million Reasons the Cubs Crowd Estimates are Bogus

    Not sure if you are all aware, but the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series. Apparently it’s a BFD. On Friday Chicago held a parade and rally downtown to celebrate. According to the city, five million human beings attended the events. The press has been breathlessly reporting on this number with not an ounce of skepticism. However, if you…

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  • Activism

    I’m in the Choir. Preach to Me.

    We hear this piece of complaint, or advice, or admonishment, depending on the circumstances, quite a bit: “Don’t just preach to the choir.” It’s a bit ironic particularly in skeptical circles where many of us have left the types of organizations that have choirs. I consider myself part of the choir of skepticism and science. And sometimes, I just need…

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  • Skepchicamp Thanks You!

    Thank you to everyone who has donated money to Skepchicamp! By now, most of you will be thrilled if you never hear “Skepchicamp needs money” ever again. Bad news: you will. Good news: you will! Last weekend’s fundraiser was far more successful than I or my fellow organizers could have ever imagined. My goal for Saturday night was to raise…

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