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    It’s hard out there for a bee

    I’ve written various laments about  CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) in honey bees here over the last few years.  One key problem is that CCD as described by entomologists is not the same as “disappearing bees” as described by media or Hollywood. (Although, to be fair, “vanishing bees” is a pretty cool idea, suggesting that perhaps aliens have decided to abduct bees…

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    Are Neonicotinoid Pesticides Killing Bees?

    This was a big week for bee news!  New research on bees and pesticides was published, and a major white paper from the Xerces Society on the same topic was released. The pesticides in question are called Neonicotinoids, since they are derived from nicotine (used as a pesticide since the 1700's). "Neonics" are systemic insecticides, or insecticides that are taken up…

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