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  • Activism

    No More #TrumpCamps Call Your Governor and Elected Officials

    Normally, I would post about the cool shit on Mad Art Lab on a Monday and yes, there is cool stuff there, so after you do what you need to do, go check it out. But first, we have more important fish to fry. Trump’s concentration camps have finally been exposed for what they are, as journalists and a few…

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  • Feminism

    Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts: On Meeting Audacity with Audacity

    Note: I am aware that harassment crosses all kinds of gender lines. I have known men who are harassed by women in the workplace and am sickened that their charges are not taken seriously. Below, I am speaking from my personal experience as a woman who gets harassed by men. Though I fully acknowledge they exist and do my best…

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  • Let’s all go to the movies and save ourselves some lives.

    *** UPDATE: AMC Theaters will NOT be running this PSA. The theater in Long Beach, CA, however is not an AMC. If this is your local theater, or you know someone who is near Long Beach, please encourage them to contact them (thanks, Ken for the info): LONG BEACH STADIUM 26 & IMAX 7501 East Carson Long Beach CA 562-429-3321…

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