• Anti-Science

    Bad Chart Thursday: Bra Cancer

    Hey, ladies. Maybe you’ve heard that “scientists” want you to stop wearing a bra. And by “scientists,” I mean this guy. Apparently, wearing a bra gives you breast cancer, according to breaking news from an intrepid reporter. And by breaking news, I mean studies that don’t actually show this, some that are 20 years old, and by intrepid reporter, I…

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  • Skepticism

    ICYMI: September 23 – September 29 on the Skepchick Network

    Hello! It’s Monday! Time to get out of bed, put on your grown-up pants, and catch up on what you missed on the Skepchick Network last week. Teen Skepchick Why You Shouldn’t Go to College (Unless You Know What You’re Doing) Ali argues that you shouldn’t use a 4-year university to explore your career options. Morality, It Exists? Elly posits…

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  • The Five Greatest Inventions Known to Woman

    These are not all things invented just for women, but they are things that are associated with – or generally important to – a great many women worldwide, and on a very personal level, me. In no particular order: The bra Bras are gift-wrapping for your boobs. They’re also a fantastically functional item for the heavy-boobed like me. I don’t…

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