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    ICYMI: April 14 – April 20 on the Skepchick Network

    It’s time to get up, get going, and get reading all the sweet things you missed last week on the Skepchick Network. Fine. I’ll wait ’til you get your coffee. BUT HURRY. Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 44: Challenge Accepted Part 2 Mindy completes the black hole physics challenge issued to her via Facebook. I’m Not Saying it was…

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  • Religion

    Thanks for Being My Community

    I’ve been pretty busy lately, but had scheduled tonight to sit and write a post. I had a couple of possible ideas in my head, mostly to do with some interesting and weird stats stuff, but now that I’m sitting down at the computer all I can think about is Boston. I feel like my mind is filled with a…

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  • Skepticism

    AI: Boston

    Boston. It hurts. A lot. I’m still trying to wrap my head around yesterday’s bombing. I am a runner. I run for lots of reasons, but the one thing that keeps me honest about my running is racing. If I don’t train, I can’t race. I’m not fast. I don’t actually race anyone else besides me. But there’s something about…

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  • Bostonist: The Ancestors of Boston Latin’s Vampires

    My latest post on Bostonist: The Boston Latin vampires have been all over the interpages since the Boston Globe reported yesterday that school admins were rushing to cover up for the fact that unholy demons were lurking their halls. Today, the official word is that this is probably more about bullying and rampant rumors of kids cutting themselves and others…

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  • Brilliant Idea: The 10-Minute Lecture

    Now that I have a nice site for Boston Skeptics, I’ll be posting there more often. When I feel it’s a subject the general Skepchick crowd might also like, I’ll be cross-posting. Those of you in Boston may want to sign up for the RSS over there (or check in over there more often), since I won’t be cross-posting everything…

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  • Hey, Boston Skeptics…

    I’ve been trying to enlist a speaker for the July edition of the Boston Skeptics in the Pub, but apparently the city has been vacated for the summer. So, I’m asking you two things (and people from out of town can feel free to offer your thoughts as well): Do you know of anyone in the Boston area who would…

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  • Weekend Wrap-up

    Last night’s Skeptics in the Pub was fantastic! Patty Pieniadz spoke about her experience as a high-ranking Scientologist, giving an in-depth look at how the CoS convinces new recruits to suspend their critical thinking skills and accept even the most bizarre claims as truth. Patty’s journey from non-questioning believer to full-fledged skeptic is not only inspiring to hear, but also…

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  • Save the Date, Boston: May 26, Skeptics in the Pub

    Two weeks from now, I’ll be hosting our third Skeptics in the Pub here in Boston! We’re stepping things up a notch by moving to new, bigger digs (not to be confused with the Big Dig) and inviting a speaker who is sure to spark a bit of controversy. You’re just dying to know more, aren’t you? Check out the…

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