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    Three Myths About Piercings

    My first non-ear piercing was in my left nostril. Apprehensive of actual piercing parlors, I got it done with a gun at an Indian beauty parlor where the aftercare instructions mimicked the sort doled out by most mall employees post ear-piercing. What a mistake that was. My piercing got infected several times, took forever to heal, and discolored the skin…

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    It’s Okay to Say “I Don’t Like Them:” On Body Modifications

    [Content Notice: pictures of scars] When I first discovered that there are people who think nothing of circumcising their infant sons for social reasons (i.e. “so that he looks like everyone else”) but who clutch their pearls with clammy fingers if they spot a baby with pierced ears, I had no idea what to think. I’ve come to understand that…

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