• QuickiesA bird standing on and looking down on a pizza crust

    Quickies: Can you process an insurrection and still make time for science?

    Welcome to another rushed Friday Quickies! Two virtual conferences at the same time seemed like such a great idea to past-Nicole… present-Nicole is TIRED. I’m still processing last week’s insurrection at the Capitol even as I fear future attacks. One way to do so is to learn about insurrections that we’ve had before in the U.S. at Sam Sanders’s NPR…

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  • QuickiesNichelle Nichols showing her Lego astronaut ring

    Quickies: Celebrating Black joy in sci-fi, science, fatherhood, fitness, and nature…

    Well, I definitely missed the Friday Quickies this week. Oops. So let’s end the weekend by celebrating some Black joy and accomplishments in the wake of Juneteenth. (And, yes, these selections are totally biased towards my loves of Star Trek, astronomy, and fitness.) Listen to the amazing Nichelle Nichols talk about the era of blaxploitation in film and how Dr.…

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  • Activismpicture of a colorful bird

    Quickies: Activism and #BlackBirdersWeek

    I honestly don’t know where to begin after a week like this in the United States. Or should I say, yet ANOTHER week like this, because, in a lot of ways, we’ve been here before. Last week, I posted a short list of actions and ways to learn about racial justice. That got expanded into a Google doc because making…

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  • Activismprotesters with signs and wearing masks in front of "Cup Foods"

    Quickies: Black Lives Still F***ing Matter

    I’m not doing a usual Friday Quickies roundup today because I am still raging about the most recent spate of extrajudicial killings of Black people by police or just good ol’ boys here in the USA. Instead I’m going to share some ways we can all help the cause. Do something literally this minute. Sign any one of Color of…

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  • Quickiesblack and white crow with speech balloon that says "you alright love?"

    Quickies: Copper’s virus-killing secrets, audio fantasy novel, and Cute Animal Weekend

    The husband is making chocolate chip pancakes, and the dogs are snoozing on top of each other next to me. Enjoy the little things that can bring a bit of piece and joy to all this! Okay, enough sappy shit… here are some note-worthy stories from the week: Poll shows that 80% of people in the US are at the…

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  • Quickiestwo dogs play wrestling

    Quickies: Race and human rights in the time of COVID-19

    My Friday Quickies have slowly become the weekend quickies because time has no meaning… Feeling helpless during this pandemic? Amnesty International lists ten ways that you can fight for human rights while distancing. (US-centric) via Buzz Parsec, Aaron Thomas explains why not everyone feels safe with a mask. You can read more on this as shared by the Hope &…

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  • Quickieswolf pup lying on its back with front paws in the air

    Quickies: 99% of women don’t regret their abortion…

    It’s the first week of classes for me, which means I’m basically brain dead by this point and I have no actual idea what’s going on in the world. But I’ll try anyway… First long term study of women’s feelings about abortion say that five years after the procedure, 99% of women still say it was the right decision, and…

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  • Quickiescaracal, a long-earred wild cat, licking its paw

    Quickies: It’s the first Cute Animal Friday of 2020!

    Welcome to the first Friday of the new year. It’s going to take me a while to get used to it being “The Twenties.” Though sometimes, it feels like we’ve regressed to the 1920s. Horrific anti-semitic attacks are on the rise in New York and elsewhere. Here are some things you can do to be an ally against anti-semitism. A…

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