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    More Transmisogyny From Grantland

    EDIT: The original version of this piece assumed that the piece on Crash was written in response to the recent Oscars rather than the 2012 ones. The references have been corrected. [Content Notice for Whorephobia & Transmisogyny] If profiting from the suicide of a trans woman isn’t enough, why not justify it with a long screed about how hard your…

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  • FeminismNapkin reading "I think you're making a huge MISTAKE!" along with a match

    Grantland’s Apology By the Numbers

    Inspiration via one of the thought-provoking piece on the matter at Aoifeschatology. If you aren’t aware of what happened this weekend, The Toast did a link round-up; check the comments for additional takes and resources. Uses of the Word “Mistake:” 15 Uses of the Word “Mistake” in Reference to Actions on the Part of Grantland Writers & Editors: 14 Uses…

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