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  • Quickiesyellow eyelash viper

    Quickies: Unnecessary parades, necessary legislation, music, space, murder birds…

    It’s Friday and time for a wrap up of some stories from this week. Does anyone else have a debate-hangover? Well, we have some mostly good news to chase that down with. Well let’s get the crappy one out of the way… the so-called “straight pride” parade has been granted a permit in Boston for Aug 31. I’m going to…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: American Politics

    Today is the last day to register to vote here in Texas, so I’m heading off to the post office… because we’re also backwards here and don’t believe in internet. And instead of hating myself for putting this off until the last minute, I hate Texas for making me put it off. But anyway… there’s an election here in the…

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