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    ICYMI: November 10 – November 16 on the Skepchick Network

    Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 73: In Orbit Ever wonder how satellites stay in orbit? Mindy has the answer. Speak Your Mind: Atheist Church Are “atheist churches” a good idea? Breaking the Fourth Wall: Pokéballs What do we need to do to make pokéballs real? Mad Art Lab Trick or Treat…or BRAINS! This is how Gigi and family did…

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  • Religion

    “Inspirational” Biblical/Quranic Intersections: Abraham’s Sacrifice

    [Content notice: child abuse, attempted murder, animal slaughter] Yesterday marked Eid ul-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice, for Muslims all over the world. The other Eid (Eid al-Fitr, or the Feast of Fast-Breaking) marks the end of Ramadan. This one both commemorates one part of the story of Abraham, called Ibrahim in Arabic, and wraps up the many rituals of Hajj.…

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  • Skepticism

    “Where Will You Spend Eternity?”: My Experience with Religion at the Doctor’s Office

    Evangelical Christians have a phenomenon known as the Conversion Story, and these stories are used to illustrate how one used to live an empty life of sin before they prayed a bunch and “found” Jesus. The more gruesome the story, the better the conversion. Similarly, I have a Skeptic Conversion Story about my experiences with religion and how I managed…

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  • Skepchick <3s Betty Bowers

    I’ve loved Betty Bowers for about as long as I’ve been on the Internet. She’s America’s Best Christian, and she’s not afraid to tell everyone else how to live. I just found out (via the SGU forum) that she does YouTube videos, and I’m so damn excited I can’t stand it. Here she is, explaining traditional marriage to everyone else.…

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