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  • Ben Stein Gets Canned From The New York Times!

    Words simply cannot express my joy at this bit of bad news for creationist idiot Ben Stein: he’s been fired as a New York Times Sunday business columnist because of his scummy shilling for scam web site, which Skepchick reported on last month. Via Gawker comes this confirmation from Times spokesperson Catherine Mathis: Ben Stein’s fine work for us…

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  • Ben Stein Shilling for Misleading Credit Report Company

    Have you been lying awake at night wondering if Ben Stein ever got around to developing a sense of morality or love of truth and rationality? Allow me to put you at ease: he didn’t. The image you are now attempting to avoid looking at directly appeared in my RSS reader this morning. At first glance I thought the spokesperson…

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  • Ben Stein Gives “Expelled” Four Stars!

    In case you were wondering whether or not to buy the DVD of the movie Expelled, the anti-evolution lie-fest hosted by Ben Stein, the producers would really like you to know that a bigtime Hollywood star who was once in three minutes of Ferris Bueler’s Day Off gives this movie his absolute highest recommendation! Yes, that person is also the…

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  • Five Questions for Ben Stein

    On April 3rd, I received the e-mail below from the public relations firm hired by the producers of the anti-evolution movie Expelled, starring Clear Eyes spokesperson Ben Stein. Please enjoy the initial e-mail (in which the name of my site and the word “publicly” are misspelled, the O’Reilly Factor is invoked, and the “scientific community” is accused of hiding something),…

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  • Audio of PZ Myers Crashing the Expelled Teleconference

    Yesterday, the PR company hired by Expelled invited me (among many other members of the press and nontraditional media) to participate in a teleconference today with Ben Stein, Mark Malkis, and the other film makers. I was pretty annoyed at the start, since they decided that instead of an open press conference with, you know, free speech, people had to…

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  • Expelled Exposed!

    We’ve already gone over the whole PZ Myers vs. Ben Stein bonanza, and yes, the whole thing has pretty much buried any credibility the creationists ever had (they had credibility?). But, hell, let’s keep going just in case. I’m recording the next Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe episode right now, and we just finished a great interview with my favorite…

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  • PZ Myers Gets Expelled

    This is completely hilariously awesomely fantastically awesome.

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