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  • Psychic Fail: Jaycee Dugard

    Friend of Skepchick Ben Radford just published a fantastic article for LiveScience showing yet another major failure of dirtbag psychics. Jaycee Dugard is the woman who was recently found after being abducted at the age of 11 and spending 18 years confined in the backyard hell of her rapist and abuser, Phillip Garrido, and his wife. Jaycee saved herself after…

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  • Monster Talk

    Are you a Bigfoot buff? A fan of phantom cats? Whatever your favorite cryptid, I urge you to check out Monster Talk, a new podcast about cryptozoology. Finally, science has a say about the Loch Ness Monster, El Chupacabra and other mysterious beasts. (And maybe even Squatchy, our French Canadian, cross-species molesting  friend!) Monster Talk takes cryptozoology to the lab.…

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  • Playing Gods – You Need This Game!

    To coincide with the season of gift-giving, a deliciously ironic board game is making a splash across the media because it…oh noes! treats all religions equally! That is to say, it treats them all with the same healthy dose of satire that any self-respecting religion would understand is not a direct attack, but a fun way of making a sensible…

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