• Quickieswolf pup lying on its back with front paws in the air

    Quickies: 99% of women don’t regret their abortion…

    It’s the first week of classes for me, which means I’m basically brain dead by this point and I have no actual idea what’s going on in the world. But I’ll try anyway… First long term study of women’s feelings about abortion say that five years after the procedure, 99% of women still say it was the right decision, and…

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  • Quickiesbrown dog in a small pool

    Quickies: 2019 only gets more depressing and even weirder…

    Happy Friday, everyone! Or is it? It’s been a bit hard lately to think positively in this country when we’re caging immigrant families and recreating fascist symbolism in the capital. Let’s take a closer look at the first week of July in the bizzarest timeline.

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  • Featuredked fly from USDA

    Blowing on Bats. For Science.

    In Bug Grad School I learned about a crazy group of flies called Hippoboscidae, or louse flies. ┬áThese flies have adopted an ectoparasitic lifestyle, which means they live on other animals much like a tick or a louse. Most have lost their wings in the evolutionary scrabble to live on fur or feathers. Having only ever seen these preserved in…

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