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    Antibacterial Soap is a Scam

    “Wash your hands with soap and water.” That’s the refrain we’ve been hearing more than any other in these times of global pandemic. Along with that refrain comes information about the proper way to wash our hands and how long and how often, but nowhere in that advice does it address what type of soap you should be using. Not…

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  • Science

    Bad Chart Thursday: Attack of the Hospital Elevator Buttons

    I came across this article in my feed, titled “Why you should never, ever touch that hospital elevator button.” I already knew, based on the title, why I probably shouldn’t touch hospital (and other) elevator buttons: GERMS. But I clicked through anyway, because I’m a sucker for clickbait headlines, and sure enough, this is an article about bacteria. What I didn’t…

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  • Activism

    Meet Dr Siouxsie Wiles at SkepchickCon

    SkepchickCon 2014 takes place at CONvergence a sci-fi/fantasy conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Doubletree in Bloomington, July 3-6, 2014. Skepchick is proud to help organize the science track at this event and over the coming weeks I’d like to introduce you to some of the brilliant and talented people you can meet if you attend. Today, I’d like to…

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  • Random Asides

    Painting with Microbes

    Originally posted on Mad Art Lab. Written by Ryan. Evolution in Action is a fantastic little RocketHub funding campaign to study how bacteria like e-coli evolve as they pass through the GI tract of a host. It’s an interesting project and it has the potential to expand our knowledge of bacterial infections so that we may better combat them in…

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