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  • Activism

    American Atheist Con 2013: Dr Richard Carrier

    I spent the last weekend at the American Atheist convention in Austin Texas. It was, hands down, the best secular convention I’ve been at in a long time. It was diverse, welcoming, educational and a whole heck of a lot of fun. The American Atheist event staff and members where absolutely wonderful. It’s an event I hope to be able…

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  • Religion

    A+ vs. A- vs. Abolishing the Grading Imperative

    The atheistic internets are all aflutter over Jen McCreight’s excellent post on Infiltrating the Boys’ Club, which gave way to the A+ initiative, what at first seemed to be a new “wave” of atheists and now more specifically seems to be an actual organization that Jen is setting up, focused on issues of social justice like misogyny and racism. I’ve…

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