• ScienceA sign that says "asshole"

    Confessions of a Former Asshole Physicist

    As a physics professor, it’s my main job to teach my students to think about forces and fields, solve engineering problems, and understand what an image of a black hole can tell us about the nature of spacetime. As a professor at a liberal arts college, I also think it’s important to talk about science as a uniquely human endeavor…

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  • Skepticism

    Michael Shermer Supports Trump, Because Skepticism is a Joke

    Michael Shermer, famed skeptic and alleged creep, is apparently supporting Donald Trump during this year’s Presidential Election. When recently interviewed on KRCW, an NPR affiliate, he had this to say: “Things I like about Donald Trump? First of all, this idea of deal-making. And not providing, say, a 14-point plan on every single thing he’s gonna do. Well, as he…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: Outing Trolls

    By now you probably know who Michael Brutsch is. You know he’s one of the worst trolls on the internet. You know his handle: Violentacrez. You know he’s from Arlington, Tx. You know you didn’t know his name when you went to work on Thursday… but you probably knew his work. In fact, Rebecca posted almost exactly one year ago…

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  • Reader Rants: Don’t attack people – Tristan Zimmerman, EvoEdu

    In last week’s rant, Skept-artist Brian George talked about being a dick to a woman at a party. This week, Tristan Zimmerman of EvoEdu gives you some tips on how not to be a dick and why you might want to avoid being one. Yes, this was planned when I posted Brian’s rant. Yes, it was lazy. No, I don’t…

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