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    Guest Post: ‘Mommy PhD’ Launches Scientists are People Campaign

    Editor’s note:  Today’s guest post is by the once anonymous Mommy PhD. Here, she reveals her identity and explains the #ScientistsArePeople campaign. ****** I started my once anonymous page, Mommy, PhD, at the end of January with so much enthusiasm about educating the public, spreading scientific knowledge and debunking pseudoscience. It’s been a lot of fun so far! However, I…

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    Skepchick Quickies 9.24

    On September 24, 1906, Devils Tower was proclaimed as the first National Monument by U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt. It’s a pretty fascinating igneous formation, you should read more about it. In Plain View: How child molesters get away with it – Cognitive dissonance has a lot to do with it. This is an excellent piece, but it may be triggering…

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