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    #TwitterTheocracy: How Anti-Blasphemy Laws Are Tools of Oppression

    Recently, the case of Meriam Ibrahim made international headlines. The story was that she, a pregnant Christian woman married to a Christian, was being accused of apostasy and sentenced to death for it. Some but not all of the articles about it mentioned the most troubling fact about the case: she is not even a apostate in that she was a Muslim…

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    Unveiled: A Look Back on the Hijab

    I, along with two other former Muslim women (Marwa Berro of Between a Veil and a Dark Place and Reem Abdel-Razek), recently spoke with Valerie Tarico about our experiences with the hijab. This is a cross-post of my interview with her. Tarico: How long did you wear hijab, and what did it mean to you at the time? Dadabhoy: I wore hijab for…

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