• Science

    Personal Tolls of the Return to In-Person Teaching

    I’ve been away from The Chicks for several weeks because I’ve been working on my promotion package. There are lots of people going through some seriously heavy shit right now. I’m more fortunate than most, but I’m not sure I’ll ever forget this summer. Getting ready for faculty promotion is already a high stress gambit. But, I did it in…

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  • Book Club

    Shakespeare in the Time of the Apocalypse

    A popular question in fiction is, what would the world look like if society collapsed? Whether it’s through war, disease, famine, alien destruction, it all goes back to human nature. What happens to the survivors? Is Hell really other people, as the saying goes, or is Hell something else entirely? Also, what skills are valuable in the new post-apocalyptic world?…

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  • Random Asides

    Bad Chart Thursday: “Gangnam Style” Video Slightly Delays Doomsday

    Tuesday’s daily chart over at The Economist demonstrates the horrible price we pay globally by collectively watching “Gangnam Style” more than 2 billion times on YouTube. Assuming that each click meant that the viewer watched the full length of the video, the authors calculate that we have spent a total of 140 million “man” hours globally watching Korean pop star…

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  • Featured

    Bad Chart Thursday: Reverse Twingineering

    In “Time Magazine and the Impending Twin-pocalypse,” Deek takes apart one of the most amazingly bad Time articles in the history of crap, “The Problem With America’s Twin Epidemic,” by Sarah Elizabeth Richards. While reading Deek’s sweet, sweet smackdown, my chart-dar went off, for she presented a perfect example of the quintessential bad chart, followed by a chart that shows…

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  • Events

    EVENTS This Week! Rebecca in Oz and NZ, Heina in Canada, 24-Hr Gameathonapalooza & More!

    It’s almost December, and people are already starting to break out the FSM tree toppers and gather to celebrate the Winter Solstice, Festivus, Krampus, and the coming END OF THE . . . year. Others are staying out of the cold by escaping to the Southern Hemisphere (ahem, Rebecca). She’s claiming that the whole reason is to go to some…

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    December 8 is a very important day, as I’m sure you all know. (There’s a chance you didn’t know at one point, but once you learned, you manipulated time in order to return to a point in the past that would effectively mean you always knew.) In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I’d post to let you all…

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