Anita Sarkeesian

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    ICYMI: March 17 – March 23 on the Skepchick Network

    Stop! Stop whatever you’re doing! I guarantee* it’s not as important as catching up on Skepchick Network posts! * Guarantee void in all places in the universe ever. Teen Skepchick TSBS Episode 5 – Carl Sagan: The Famous Skeptical Mangina Teen Skepchick contributors Eddy and Olivia join Mindy to discuss The Demon Haunted World. Evidence and Rape Culture: A Response…

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  • Activism

    Women in World of Warcraft: The Bigger Picture

    Skepchick reader Sean sent in this link to a post on a World of Warcraft fansite that discusses the lack of strong, independent female characters in World of Warcraft’s lore. The author of the article refers to “barnacle characters,” which are characters that depend upon the storyline of other characters for their existence. While I like this idea, I think…

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