• FeaturedPhoto of The Great Escape and Away We Go

    The Great Escape and Away We Go

    Art is the great escape and I need an escape. I’ve had enough of Trump and his budget cuts to science, the elderly, the arts, the humanities, kid’s school lunches, the environment, meals on wheels, the list goes on. Basically, he is cutting everything that isn’t the military so he can live like a king while bombing mosques, building walls,…

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  • ActivismPhoto of Wake Me Up When Impeachment Begins

    Wake Me Up When Impeachment Begins

    I sat up until about 3 am last night trying to think of a way to illustrate the repeal and replacement plan for the ACA health care in the United States. It’s so ridiculous and unfair to the people who need heath care most. Costs will go from $1,700 up to $14,000 a year for people over 64 who make…

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  • ActivismPhoto of Ode to Sean Spicer

    Ode to Sean Spicer

    Sean Spicer used to be the White House Easter Bunny. Now he is the hired mouthpiece of a compulsive liar. Must be hard for Spicer being under all that pressure to help keep the authoritarian, nationalist regime on track while fighting against the First Amendment and that pesky enemy known as the press while wearing a suit his boss picked…

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  • ActivismPhoto of A Runoff Election in Louisiana Could Help Democrats Senate Situation

    A Runoff Election in Louisiana Could Help Democrats Senate Situation

    There is currently a Senate runoff election happening in Louisiana which, if won by Democrat Foster Campbell, would narrow the partisan split to 51-49. It’s a long shot, but a really important one when you consider the already-narrow majority that Republicans hold in the Senate. In the week since Trump’s election, we’ve seen Senate Republicans like John McCain & Rand Paul express hostility…

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  • ActivismPhoto of You’ve Had a Week to Mourn. Now What?

    You’ve Had a Week to Mourn. Now What?

    Last week, our country elected an orange spray-painted rubber tire as leader of the free world. Since that time, there have been tears, there have been protests, and – since it’s 2016 – there have been memes. But we’re only a week in, and we’ve got four more years of white nationalist fuckery, obnoxious tweets, and racist harassment.  You may…

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  • ActivismPhoto of #AntiTrump Protests Continue in Dallas

    #AntiTrump Protests Continue in Dallas

    For the third night in a row on Friday, protests against the election of Donald Trump continued in Dallas, TX. The event was organized by the Next Generation Action Network (NGAN) as a rebellion against minority rights being “put on the back burner for bigotry and hate.” Before the night’s events commenced  at Main Street Gardens, two or three counter-protestors stood in opposition to…

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  • FeaturedPhoto of White Nights, Black Paradise: Film Trailer

    White Nights, Black Paradise: Film Trailer

    Last year, Sikivu Hutchinson wrote a book called White Nights, Black Paradise, and ever since she has been hard at work on turning the book into a film. I’m excited to announce there is now a trailer! White Nights, Black Paradise trailer from sikivu hutchinson on Vimeo. If you’re interested in screening the film, it will debut on November 17th at the…

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  • FeminismPhoto of History Made.

    History Made.

    Regardless of who you support, if you care about human rights and feminism- this video that is said to be introducing Hillary Clinton tonight, is worth watching. It’s moving and it speaks to feminism and breaking barriers and the fact that young women for the first time in history may be able to truly visualize themselves as leaders of our…

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