• Quickiesclose up of a sheep eye with horizontal pupil

    Quickies: Legos, Geese, Sheep Eyes, and Y’all…

    Hello, all! It’s been quiet around here… I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m already behind on grading and it’s week 2 of the semester. Hooray? Okay, here are some stories that have very little to do with anything big actually happening right now, but I do need a break so… The “Florence Y’all’s” is my favorite new baseball…

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  • Quickiesmountain chickadee

    Quickies: Stunning Astronomy paired with Cute Animal Friday

    No intro this time… just the stories! The MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa catches our galaxy’s supermassive black hole “blowing bubbles” in an image that I find stunning from a technical standpoint AND beautifully ethereal. (If you want to get really nerdy, a freely-available preprint of the scientific journal article can be found on arXiv.) Remember ‘Oumuamua, the asteroid…

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