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  • Astrology says HODL! your bitcoins

    In case it needs to be said, let me open with a plea for you not to listen to astrologers or astrology apps, and for you not to buy bitcoin unless you like your wild gambling to come with an unnecessary contribution to global warming. And with that out of the way, let me get to the actual post. Just…

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  • Lemon Cakes and Eyeliner

    Content Note: This post includes discussion of domestic abuse and stories of survivors of abuse. Living through a global pandemic is a strange and frustrating thing. For those of us lucky enough to be able to work at home without major financial or physical implications, these days are a bizarre combination of extreme boredom and extreme anxiety. For me, one…

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  • wheelchair couple

    Quickies: The Wage-Suicide Link, Vulnerable Voting Machines, and Adaptive Fashion

    Higher Minimum Wages Linked to Reduced Suicide Rate, Ars Technica: “A number of studies . . . have indicated that financial stressors are a significant contributor [to suicides]. And a few recent studies have suggested a public policy that can reduce financial stress does seem to have an influence on suicide rates: the minimum wage. Now, researchers from Emory University…

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  • view looking down the side of a telescope with constellations printed on it

    NoisyAstronomer’s Holiday Telescope Buying Guide

    We’re coming up on the gift-giving season, and every year I get a few folks asking me, “what kind of telescope should I get for an X-year-old?” I thought it was high time to write up my own easily shareable list of tips and recommendations. That department store scope? It’s a trap First things first. DON’T buy a no-name brand,…

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  • Photo of two shirts with a "license plate" anti-ALPR design from Adversarial Fashion

    Mansplain Monday: When Men Explain Things To You By Citing You

    Mansplain Mondays are back! You might remember it as the feature that became especially meta when men began responding to the existence of our Mansplain Monday posts by mansplaining the concept of “mansplaining.” For our new Mansplain Mondays we will be featuring an especially funny example of mansplaining that we’ve come across that week, because if we can’t stop men…

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  • Self-Care Sunday: Delete Your News Apps and Disable Notifications

    Something bad is happening in the world every second of every day. And organizations that report the news can’t wait for you to read about it. So I’ve done something recently that has greatly improved my well-being: deleted my news apps and disabled most app notifications. After my first child was born, I experienced Postpartum Anxiety (but I didn’t know…

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