• Pope on Powdered Toast Man

    The Pope Told a Gay Guy He’s Alright! But Catholicism is still the Worst

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Big news out of Rome, you guys — Pope Awesome Guy III has privately, quietly, allegedly told a gay man that “God made you this way.” This is huge news, because it reveals that Catholic doctrine is being slowly but surely nudged toward a more progressive path by Lady Gaga. The Pope’s…

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  • Make Gay Conversion “Therapy” Illegal!

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Gay conversion therapy is a bullshit religious practice in which people who hate gay people utilize various “techniques” with no basis in science in an attempt to convince a gay person to not be gay anymore. It’s often performed on minors against their will, and studies show that not only does it…

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  • DeVos Protest

    Bad Chart Thursday: DeVos’s Pyramid Scheme for Education

    US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos appeared on 60 Minutes earlier this month, in part to plug her latest pyramid scheme: for-profit school choice. Yet DeVos couldn’t answer basic questions from host Leslie Stahl about how school choice was working for students in Michigan, DeVos’s home state, where she’s successfully lobbied for decades to implement for-profit charter schools with little to…

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  • Is Banning Circumcision Anti-Semitic?

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Iceland is considering becoming the first country in the world to ban infant circumcision, the practice of removing a newborn’s foreskin for no medical reason. The legislature is coming under fire from European Jewish organizations for being antisemitic. It’s not coming under fire from Icelandic Jewish organizations, mostly because there are none.…

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  • Woman Who “Cured” Cancer with Veganism Dies…of Cancer

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Sometimes, very lucrative jobs are extremely dangerous. For instance, you can make a lot of money on fishing boats or oil rigs, working long, hard hours at the risk of dying in freezing water miles from any coastline. Or you can sell “natural cures” for cancer using yourself as an inspirational story.…

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  • Trump’s “Pro-Life” Lies

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Well, Donald Trump just became the first sitting president to address the March for Life via a live video feed. The March for Life is more accurately known as the March to Force Women to Give Birth, as they are actually anti-abortion. Someone who is pro-life would realize that when nations outlaw…

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  • Shocking Report: The Bible is a Myth

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Okay look, I’m going to need you to take a seat. If you’re already sitting, you may want to lay down, or stand up and then sit back down again. That’s how big the news is that I’m about to share. Alright, ready? Here we go: after a long, intensive investigation on…

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  • Study: Atheists Are Fairer Than Christians…Sometimes

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Who is more generous: atheists, or Christians? As I’ve discussed in the past, our society’s stereotype is that atheists lack morality, and so we expect Christians will be more charitable. I’ve also discussed how this stereotype is probably wrong. A new study brings up an interesting, related idea, though: how does “stereotype…

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