• Comey Come On

    Comey come on buddy, do the right thing! I have assumed since the beginning of this horrible downward spiral into the Trump presidency that the only way we will begin to see any push back from the GOP is if Trump starts back-stabbing the people who helped him. And FBI director James B. Comey seems to be the first publicized…

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  • Ode to Sean Spicer

    Sean Spicer used to be the White House Easter Bunny. Now he is the hired mouthpiece of a compulsive liar. Must be hard for Spicer being under all that pressure to help keep the authoritarian, nationalist regime on track while fighting against the First Amendment and that pesky enemy known as the press while wearing a suit his boss picked…

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  • Blood-soaked US flag

    Bannon and the National Security Council’s Secret “Kill List”

    While the United States and the world was in an uproar over Donald Trump’s executive order (EO) on immigration that even conservative sources view as unconstitutional and illegal, Trump reorganized the National Security Council (NSC), adding his chief strategist Steven Bannon and decreasing the participation and status of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, currently General Joseph Dunford,…

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  • Desertification image

    #ClimateFacts Tweetstorm at POTUS Jan. 26, Noon Eastern Time

    The Trump administration and some members of Congress are intent on misinforming the public on climate change and acting on these lies in a storm of decisions that will damage our planet, our economy, and our future, from withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord and moving forward with the Keystone pipeline to the gag order on the EPA, particularly on…

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  • This.

    Things are scary in the USA right now and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant barrage of executive orders and new laws soon to be affecting human rights and health particularly for women, but a few good activists have told me to pick just a few topics and focus on them so I don’t get overwhelmed. I’m going…

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  • A Russian Journalist writes “A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media”

    The following article is by Alexey Kovalev, a Russian journo who generously states in a postscript that he allows this to be reposted and shared. We feel it’s important and timely and, frankly, excellent advice at this shattering and crucial moment in American politics, events that are being scrutinized with much trepidation on the world stage. This piece is not…

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  • What happened to these Indigenous women and girls?

    It was the data that got me. Not just the number of data points, but the shape of the data. The shape reminded me of a Holter monitor recording of a not-quite-right heart rate. Fitting, perhaps, as something definitely wasn’t right. There is a person gone for each square. A person with friends, family, and a mystery. Each one was murdered…

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  • A Runoff Election in Louisiana Could Help Democrats Senate Situation

    There is currently a Senate runoff election happening in Louisiana which, if won by Democrat Foster Campbell, would narrow the partisan split to 51-49. It’s a long shot, but a really important one when you consider the already-narrow majority that Republicans hold in the Senate. In the week since Trump’s election, we’ve seen Senate Republicans like John McCain & Rand Paul express hostility…

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