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  • The Last TAMce…day that is…kittynh blog

    Sunday starts late.  We are all kind of tired and miss a lot of the papers.  Still, we straggle down to just enjoy being with the skeptics.  There is an energy you just don’t want to let go of.  In the hallway my teenager spies one of her favorites Todd Robbins.  She is a shy kid.  She doesn’t say a…

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  • Day 4 – TAMMER TIME!!!! Kittynh blog

    It’s Saturday and I’m a happy camper skeptic at TAM.  Saturday is more selling of stuff!  The cool thing about having a little “volunteer” ribbon on your name tag is people ask you questions.  Usually I have to direct them to Linda or Jeff or Scott, but I’m also able to figure some stuff out on my own.  There is…

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  • TAM – this day it’s for REAL Kittynh blog

    It’s day 3 for myself and daughters in Vegas.  But this is the first day of TAM5!!  I know it is time to get down to work.  I have to start helping Linda and Randi and JREF by working the credit card machine!  To my happiness a fellow New England skeptic Tina is there to be my partner in crime…

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  • Day Two – A TAM to remember!!!Kittynh blog

    Day two had me up early because I hardly slept at all the night before.  You see, the best thing about TAM is the friends you make.  But for me, the worst thing about TAM was the friend I had made.  Hutch.  Hutch is the most generous, friendly, kind, and thoughtful person you could ever want to meet.  At TAM4,…

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  • TAM5 Memories to Remember before Alzheimers sets in Kittynh blog number one

    I’m really proud I’ve attended every TAM.  TAM5 saw me flying into Vegas healthy (unlike TAM4 where I suffered through walking pneumonia).  Arrived late at night to find the Riviera an interesting change from the Stardust.  The room I was in was a mess.  Bedside light didn’t work, safe broken, bathroom looked petrie dish like even when “clean”.  But there…

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