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    Skepchick Sweden Looking for Writers!

    Are you passionate about science, skepticism, feminism and other Skepchickisms to the point of wanting to tell the world about it at least every other week? Do you know Swedish (or some similar enough language — here’s lookin’ at you, Norway/Denmark)? Then Skepchick Sweden is looking for YOU! Check out our “help wanted”-post at Skepchick.se and send in your application today.…

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  • Feminism

    Woman, Stop Hitting Yourself!

    Helpful reader Agranulocytosis sent us this link, a video where Professor Steve Horwitz explains how the fact that women earn 75 % of what men do is our own fault. Thank you Agranulocytosis! I was worried this day was going to be boring. According to Horwitz, the labour market does in fact not discriminate against women. The income discrepancy is…

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  • Science

    Charmkvark’s Not-Cancer

    Swedish Skepchick charmkvark wrote this for Skepchick.se a couple months back and it was so good Martin Rundkvist of Aardvarchaeology asked for a translation. Because the post hasn’t gotten the exposure it deserves, I’m now reposting the translation here. Enjoy the story of charmkvark’s involuntary undercover work in the world of woo! I have alopecia, an autoimmune disease in which hair…

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  • Skepticism

    Words With a Science Rapper

    On May 21st, Skepchick.se contributor Kaylee met up with the evolutionary rapper Baba Brinkman, whom is famous in Sweden for being the man behind the song “Off That (Rationalist Anthem)”, the theme song for the Swedish sceptical podcast, Skeptikerpodden. He’d popped over from England for a few days to perform in Stockholm. I had the pleasure of meeting this excellent…

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  • The Snake in My Secular Paradise

    Sweden has its fair share of religious nutjobs. Actually, we probably have less than our fair share. Spokespeople for the main religions struggle to appear as rational and reasonable as possible here because otherwise no one will take them seriously. So far so good – but what would paradise be without a snake? Recently, a man called Stavros Louca said…

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  • My Third Hand

    …or, How a Scientist Threatened Me With a Knife. As some of you may recall there was a study published a little while ago about some researchers from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm adding a new twist to the classic rubber hand experiment. I feel compelled to write about it here because of two reasons: 1. I know Arvid Guterstam, one…

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  • State of the Kingdom

    Hello, my name is Felicia, and I’m from Sweden! I thought I’d get that out of the way first, since I think it’s my defining trait as the newest Skepchick blogger. Well, that, and being a professional beekeeper. I currently have the luxury of working as an administrator for the Swedish Humanist Youth Organisation, Unga Humanister. When I’m not doing exciting…

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