Elles the Vampire Slayer

Elles first discovered the wonder of skepticism when she first picked up a copy of The Skeptical Inquirer in a library and since then has aspired to be a strong defender of reason. She first became interested in the evolution/creation debate when she encountered Answersingenesis.org and, amazingly, retained her faith in humanity after realizing how many people took Ken Ham seriously until she entered high school. Since then, she has started a blog, Splendid Elles, to express herself whenever she feels like throwing things and screaming in frustration at scientific ignorance and general lack of thought. Elles is currently fifteen, but in the future she thinks she’ll probably go into some field in science but doesn’t know which one because she likes them all too much. When she’s not exposing woo-woo, she reads books, watches an excessive amount of science fiction, and has no fashion sense beyond differentiating between clothing which covers up one’s upper body and clothing which covers up one’s lower body.
  • “Strange” Rock {Teen Skepchick}

    Look everybody! It’s a strange rock! Well, folks. I suppose we were wrong about aliens. Roswell has been contacted by extraterrestrials again. The Roswell Daily Record is reporting that they’ve found a “strange rock” that is raising questions. [read more on Teen Skepchick] (This is a slight test — we hope to do more Skepchick/Teen Skepchick cross-posting in the future.…

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