We can’t help it. The Skepchick writers are a tight-knit group who talk a lot, and so along with our frequent commenters, we develop in-jokes and short-hand terms. Here are some helpful explanations.

Don’t High-hat the Monkey

Amanda posted a great YouTube clip of Cecille B. DeMille’s silent film Godless Girl (the clip has since been removed from YouTube, sadly). One scene featured the titular character convincing a poor, god-fearing schlub to join the evil atheist cult in a ceremony involving the placing of his hand upon the head of an actual, live monkey. The girl cautions him to not high-hat (or disrespect) the monkey, because he’s their cousin (evil Darwinism!). “Don’t high-hat the monkey” became a rallying cry of the Skepchick crowd, all of whom thought the Godless Girl was pretty damned sexy.

That stands for “Comment o’ the Week,” a highly sought-after award given to the best of the best on Skepchick. Nominate your favorite comment for COTW by replying to it (click the arrow on the right of the comment) and writing “COTW!”

Afternoon Inquisition
Every other day (-ish) at 3pm, a Skepchick poses a question to you, trusted Skepchick commenter. It might be serious, it might be nerdy, it might involve superpowers, but no matter what, it’s sure to be interesting. Read the comments and learn way too much about your fellow Skepchick readers.

It’s both the (um, supposed) drink of astronauts and an amusing euphemism, making this a common reference. The Buzzed Aldrin (shots of Tang and vodka) was a favorite entry in the Skepchick Drink Contest, partially for this reason.

Why do we have an author who sounds like a superhero? Well for starters, she totally is a superhero. Also, she’s anonymous at the moment because she likes having a job.

Maria once made the mistake of critiquing the poorly hidden Mormon agenda of the Twilight movie. She was at once set upon by thousands of screaming preteen girls. She didn’t learn her lesson, and posted another critique of New Moon. Now, all vampire-related questions are directed to her because it is fun to see her head explode.

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