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  • BREAKING: Simon Singh Has Won!

    Simon Singh‘s long, costly battle against the British Chiropractic Association has finally ended with the BCA dropping their lawsuit as of this morning: The BCA today served a Notice of Discontinuance bringing to an end its ill-fated libel claim against Dr Simon Singh arising out of criticisms he made of its promotion of treatments for childhood ailments. Dr Singh’s predicament…

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  • Simon Singh Wins Appeal; BCA Releases Statement

    This morning, the appeals court ruled that Simon Singh can defend his article about the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) as “fair comment,” meaning that he can argue that he was making an opinionated statement, as opposed to being forced to argue that his words meant something defined by a high court judge – a definition Singh did not agree to.…

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  • Simon Singh’s New Baby: What Can Astrology Tell Us?

    Yesterday morning, Simon Singh became the proud father of an adorable little boy named Hari, tweeting Hari Singh arrived at 2am. Pisces! If he develops colic, it’s unlikely that we’ll take him to a chiropractor. Mum & baby doing very well. Thanks to Simon’s informative Tweet, we’re able to create a rather accurate birth chart for the little guy based…

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  • Video From Simon Singh’s London Rally

    Earlier, Tracy posted an overview of all the amazing skeptical stuff happening in England these days. Here’s video from the rally held in support of Simon Singh’s fight against the Bogus British Chiropractic Association or whatever they’re called. Simon was joined by friends like Dave Gorman, Chris French, and Brian Cox! YouTube Link Thanks to Sid for the heads up!

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  • Pseudoscientists Sue Simon Singh

    Sexy scientiest and dear friend-of-Skepchick Simon Singh is going toe-to-toe with chiropractors who are suing him over a recent article published in The Guardian. You can find the article in question cached on Svetlana Pertsovich’s site here — I’m not sure who Svetlana is but I like her already (and thanks to Sid for giving me that link plus this…

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  • Feminism

    Punishing Women for Speaking Up

    This post contains a video, which you can also view here. To support more videos like this, head to! Back at the end of February, I made a big fat mistake. I posted a video about a male doctor who seemed to me to be bullying a female doctor because she said that he treated her in a sexist…

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  • Politics

    Neo-Nazis Win as a Charlottesville Reporter is Fired over Libel Threat

    This post contains a video, which you can also view here. To support more videos like this, head to! Transcript: When I lived in London a few years back, I was really lucky to be able to work with people like Simon Singh and organizations like Sense About Science to help lobby the government to change their ridiculous libel…

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  • Crowdfunding Healthcare Leads to Cash for Con Artists

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Here in the United States, we don’t have socialized healthcare because we hate the idea of paying for someone else’s medical bills. So instead, we pay for other people’s medical bills when they post on websites like GoFundMe and JustGiving. Somehow it’s just not fun unless you know the person involved is…

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