Quickies: Race and human rights in the time of COVID-19

Also, some cute animal distractions

My Friday Quickies have slowly become the weekend quickies because time has no meaning…

  • Feeling helpless during this pandemic? Amnesty International lists ten ways that you can fight for human rights while distancing. (US-centric)
  • via Buzz Parsec, Aaron Thomas explains why not everyone feels safe with a mask. You can read more on this as shared by the Hope & Hard Pills newsletter by Andre Henry. H/t to Misty for getting me into it!
  • From the same newsletter, I highly recommend this read from 2018 on the intertwining of modern race thinking and the enlightenment, something which is conveniently ignored by many so-called “rationalists” today.
  • A bit of physics history… read about the Demon Core that killed two nuclear scientists that worked on it. Probably the most striking part: “The plutonium pit that killed Daghlian and Slotin … came to be called the demon core. The pits that killed tens of thousands in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, meanwhile, got no such pejorative monikers. Such is the difference, perhaps, between intended and unintended harm, between the core carefully assembled for the purpose of mass destruction and the core reserved for the realm of experiment.” via Muscadine

Now for Cute Animal whatever gorram day it is… (via Muscadine)

  • A whole bunch of bird cams from Cornell. They also have some great citizen science projects you can join!
  • Speaking of birds, check out this brightly-colored, newly photographed kingfisher.
  • Let’s swoon over hawk love, or at least hybrid offspring from two rather distinct species of hawks.
  • Need to socialize safely? Play with your dog in their language! This graphic from dog trainer Amy Cook shows you how. Featured image is of a typical wrestling match in my backyard.

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