Local Nonprofits Are Also Hurting Because of COVID-19

Since almost everywhere is closed due to COVID-19, that means that those places aren’t getting the revenue needed to continue operations once quarantine and social distancing mandates are lifted. This includes local non-profits. Realizing this, I asked our writers here at Skepchick to suggest some local nonprofits to donate to. Hopefully, this will allow these places to thrive when the time comes to lift the mandates requiring social distancing. Here some of our favorites. Please donate if you can!

The Detroit Historical Society – Kari

The Detroit Historical Society is responsible for The Detroit Historical Museum and The Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle. The Detroit Historical Museum includes exhibits that form a timeline of Detroit’s founding from the Native Americans to the fur traders to the auto industry to now. The Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle has permanent exhibits about the Great Lakes and Detroit’s maritime history, as well as changing exhibitions that are fun and informative.


According to RECLAIM’s website, “RECLAIM is the only abortion fund specifically providing financial assistance to pregnant people accessing abortion care in Southeast Michigan.” RECLAIM was started by the founder of Northland Family Planning Clinics, Renee Chelian, and her daughter, Lara Chelian. Northland provides abortion care, reproductive health care, birth control, and they’ve partnered with a pro-choice adoption agency to make sure that pregnant people have every choice available to them. 

The Belle Isle Conservancy – Kari

Belle Isle is a Michigan state park in the Detroit River. The Belle Isle Conservancy works to preserve the nature and historic structures of Belle Isle. Belle Isle is home to the Belle Isle Aquarium and the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory.

The Oakland Museum of California – Rebecca

The Oakland Museum of California opened in 1969 and celebrates the art, history and natural sciences of California. They are currently showing an exhibition entitled You Are Here: California Stories on the Map. They’ve recently had exhibitions on the Black Panthers and immigration, and there will be an exhibition on feminism when it opens again in April.

Discovery Museum of Acton Massachusetts – Mary

The Discovery Museum is a museum geared toward children learning through play. With both indoor and outdoor areas, children are able to have STEAM experiences in many different settings. The indoor exhibits include light and color, sound, simple machines, and water galleries, while the outdoor exhibits feature a giant treehouse, and several acres of woods for the enrichment of children’s minds.

The Science Museum of Minnesota – Melanie

The Science Museum of Minnesota is a classic science center with galleries and exhibits on dinosaurs, the human body, and the Mississippi River, among others. They also show science based films every day.

The Minnesota Zoo – Melanie

The Minnesota Zoo is a 485 acre zoo located in Apple Valley Minnesota. Along with animals, there are great walking trails between 1 and 2 miles long. The animals are divided into 6 themed areas and exhibited in enclosures that resemble their natural habitats.

Other, national, nonprofits that were mentioned by the contributors were Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. The authors of Skepchick also like to support various immigration and abortion funds. Please donate to these nonprofits or your own local nonprofits if you can.

Mary also sent a link to a GoFundMe that her friend is running to make 3-d printed masks for medical professionals. While not a nonprofit, this is definitely a worthy cause.

List some of your favorite nonprofits in the comments!

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