Quickies: Bring out the guillotines

Bias against trans athletes and sex offenders on dating apps

A little soundtrack for your morning reading of TeenVogue’s coverage of anti-capitalism can be found here.

How the French revolution is inspiring today’s online anti-capitalists – “On social media, a tone-deaf tweet or Facebook post from any wealthy CEO or out-of-touch politician is invariably met with a sea of guillotine gifs, calls for retribution against predatory billionaires, or otherwise vitriolic responses from people with guillotine in their usernames — and it feels less and less like they’re joking.”

Cracking the code of bias against trans athletes – “In order to move the debate in that more inclusive direction, we need to educate the public on these kinds of biased euphemisms and anti-trans code words that transphobes use to sway public opinion.” Transphobes even have issues with trans athletes in roller derby – a notoriously queer and inclusive sport.

Tinder lets known sex offenders use its app, and it’s not the only one – CW: Sexual assault. Match does screen its users but only started doing so after being sued. “Match first agreed to screen for registered sex offenders in 2011 after Carole Markin made it her mission to improve its safety practices. The site had connected her with a six-time convicted rapist who, she told police, had raped her on their second date. Markin sued the company to push for regular registry checks.



Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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