Quickies: Stacey Abrams’ new voter protection initiative

Publishing companies and their bad practices towards libraries, and the silence around FOSTA-SESTA

Stacey Abrams launches multi-million dollar voter protection initiative in 20 states – “With this new program, Abrams, who formerly served as minority leader in the Georgia legislature, will continue her efforts to promote election fairness. Now, she’s joining forces with state Democratic parties to advance voter protection infrastructure before a nominee is decided, and will also work with the state parties and other allies to either directly fund or raise money for these operations.”

Why it might become more challenging to check out an ebook from your library – In short, MacMillan publishing is changing its ebook policy. Now libraries will only be able to purchase one copy of an ebook for the first 8 weeks of a book’s release. This is regardless of the number of patrons the library serves, which means that larger libraries will suffer disproportionately. This change also disproportionately affects people who require ebooks, for various accessibility reasons, as it will cause much longer wait times.

The LGBTQ rights issue 2020 Democrats still aren’t talking about – “FOSTA-SESTA contributes to violence against trans women of color, advocates say. Most campaigns are silent on it.”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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