Quickies: We Present a Special Post-DragonCon Cute Animal Friday

...and a bunch of other stuff

Oh my goooooosh, it’s been so long. I haven’t abandoned you! Well, not entirely. I had two weeks of family gatherings, grant proposal deadlines, first classes of the semester, and DragonCon. It was…. well, busy is an understatement. I’m keeping it light and fun today because I need it. #selfcare

  • A new religion is born! Well, not really. But the Cult of Jon has sprung up around a cardboard advertisement that had a very eventful DragonCon. Check out this weirdness and more from DragonCon at Atlanta Magazine. TBH, it’s really fun to watch a meme be born.
  • Dust off your intro physics notes! Even Physics Textbooks Tend to Get Friction Slightly Wrong, according to Rhett Allain. This interesting post came out of “an informal side conversation” at the American Association of Physics Teachers meeting, which goes to show that conferences are about more than what’s in the program. If you’re a Friday Quickies regular, this was the conference that had therapy dogs for attendees!
  • Some of us have spent an inordinate amount of time with this Hogwarts Sorting Hat Chat. This is not like any online quiz you’ve ever taken, and it gets pretty deep in its analysis of house traits. Go nerd out. Apparently I’m “Primary Hufflepuff, Burned Hufflepuff Secondary, Secondary Modeling Ravenclaw.” So… that’s a thing.

Confused by the featured image for Cute Animal Friday? Well, humans are animals. But besides that, I wanted to highlight the FANTASTIC job that Mad Art Lab‘s Ryan did in acting out the mating rituals of various animals as described by a panel of experts on the Science Track at DragonCon. What’s going on here? I honestly don’t remember. Maybe a stegosaurus? Photo includes MALer Seelix, aka Emily, and kickass biologist DN Lee.

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