Quickies: Men Know What Harassment Is, but Women Are Still Blamed

Plus BangBros Buys Doxxing Site and Destroys Servers

  • Men Now Avoid Women at Work–Another Sign We’re Being Punished for #MeToo, by Arwa Mahdawi at the Guardian: “What’s really interesting about this study, however, is that it thoroughly debunks the argument that men are confused about what constitutes unacceptable behavior. The very first thing researchers did was look at 19 behaviours (emailing sexual jokes to a subordinate, for example) and get people to classify it as harassment or not. Surprise, surprise, both genders basically agreed on what harassment entails.” H/t Muscadine
  • BangBros Buys Porn Doxxing Site, Torches Hard Drives in the Site’s First SFW Video, by Alani Vargas at the AV Club: “The adult-themed production company bought out the doxxing site, which housed over 15,000 porn stars’ personal information, according to Mashable. What did they do with all that information? Well, these producers of NSFW content made it clear with a very SFW video of them setting fire to the servers holding all that explicit info. That’s both figuratively and literally, because they actually took gasoline and a lighter and scorched that shit out of existence.”
  • Hours after Shooting Rampage, Texas Gun Laws Loosened, by Rishika Dugyala at Politico: “Several new firearm laws took hold in Texas on Sunday, loosening restrictions as to when and where weapons can be carried, one day after the state was rocked by a shooting in which a gunman killed seven and wounded at least 21.”

Melanie Mallon

Melanie is a freelance editor and writer living in a small town outside Minneapolis with her husband, two kids, dog, and two cats. When not making fun of bad charts or running the Uncensorship Project, she spends her time wrangling commas, making colon jokes, and putting out random dumpster fires. You can find her on Twitter as @MelMall, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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  1. If that backlash stud was presented graphically, it would be a great candidate for Bad Chart Thursday.

    “Men Avoid Women . .” except, by their own numbers, most men don’t.

    Both study groups were small – compare to the much larger sample sizes used by pollsters, and which still have significant margins of error.

    The study was on two different groups. There is no continuity to show that anyone changed their stance, either positively or negatively.

    It ignores the fact that the statement “Most A=B” also contains the statement Some A=Not-B”.


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