Quickies: “Presenteeism” at work and its effects on menstruating women

Queer exploration in The Sims, and why don't we have an Oscar for casting directors

“Presenteeism” takes toll on menstruating women – (Note: Not all menstruating people are women. This study only questioned women on their experiences.) “Women who push themselves to work or study despite menstrual symptoms like painful cramps may be less productive on those days and might benefit from being able to work from home or take a day off and make it up later, a large survey suggests.”

The Sims offers a safe, digital space for queer people – 13 people on how the Sims games offered them a place to explore the idea of queer relationships.

We need an Oscar for casting directors – The field of casting is female-dominated, and yet despite the impact that casting has on the final quality of a film, there is no Acadamy Awards recognition. The BAFTAs have just announced that they will be adding an award for casting directors.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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