Quickies: Inside a border patrol Facebook group

Mindfulness and a science experiment at a pageant

Inside the secret Facebook group of US border patrol agents – CW: Death, police brutality, sexual assault, racism. ProPublica covers the disgusting content found in one border patrol group of 9500 members, especially their focus on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leading up to and after her visit to one of the concentration camps.

The mindfulness conspiracy – Is the current form of and push for mindfulness a form of societal anesthesia? Does it keep us from fully absorbing and reacting to the injustices happening around us?

Biochemist crowned Miss Virginia after performing science experiment as a talent –  She chose a great flashy one, too – “catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide” otherwise known as the elephant’s toothpaste. If you’ve never seen it before, definitely go look up some videos. (This rainbow colored example is pretty cool.)



Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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