Quickies: Freeing science from behind paywalls

Forensic genealogy, and Rep. Porter drags Bill Maher

The open access wars: How to free science from academic paywalls – “Academic institutions have to purchase exorbitant subscriptions priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars each year so they can download and read their own and other scientists’ work from beyond the paywall. The same goes for members of the public who want to access the science they’ve funded with their tax dollars. A single research paper in Science can set you back $30. Elsevier’s journals can cost, individually, thousands of dollars a year for a subscription.”

Bill Maher was not ready for Rep. Katie Porter – Rep. Porter is clearly brilliant and hilarious.

The first murder case to use family tree forensics goes to trial – “As family-tree building took off—by 2014 genealogy websites were second in internet popularity only to porn—the number of profiles on GEDmatch swelled toward the 1 million mark. But the vast majority of those users, including GEDmatch’s founders, Curtis Rogers and John Olson, didn’t know that the same tool they were using to track down family secrets was also being used by police to hunt down one of the nation’s most elusive serial killers.”



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