Quickies: Barrier Busting DJ, Identified Flying Objects, Hacking NASA…

... and gruesome, cute, terrifying animals

Hey, y’all. It’s officially summer! Well, in the Northern Hemisphere, at least. Happy winter to our Southern Hemisphere friends! That little fact of opposite hemispheres having opposite seasons is helpful when I teach Astronomy 101. It also makes my geographically diverse Instagram feed confusing at times.

Okay, enough chit-chat, we have some news and animals for you…

And now for our animal friends…

  • This starts off cute but turns into “pee your pants” scary. A polar bear decides that a BBC filmmaker is a boxed lunch. It’s like your dog licking your car windows but terrifying. Via Muscadine.
  • BIRBS! via Rhuu
  • Today’s featured animal, the pronghorn antelope, is what I thought of when I read about “multi-stomached, headgear-bearing mammals.” The genomes of 44 of these species have recently been released. Not only will this help scientists trace their evolution, the genomes can be used to study bone regeneration and tumor suppression. And yes, it is totally cool to see antelope graze at the Very Large Array. Go visit during the summer weekends to get a tour from a summer student!

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