Quickies: TERFs and the right wing, a history of vaccination, and neighborhood apps

Plus, how good are you at evo psych?

The unholy alliance of TERFs and the right wing – “It’s clear why religious conservatives have entered into a pragmatic alliance with groups like WoLF—recognizing that they have lost the cultural and political battle against gay marriage, they have shifted to fight the expansion of trans rights, and see allying with TERFs as a strategic partnership.”

An evolutionary psychology quiz – Yes, this is satire. “How do we know evolutionary psychology is perfectly legitimate? Well, for starters, it has not one but two science terms in its name.”

The rise of fear-based social media – The problem with neighborhood apps like Nextdoor. “While being called “suspicious” isn’t of itself immediately harmful, the repercussions of that designation can be. People of color are not only more likely to be presumed criminals, they are also more likely to be arrested, abused, or killed by law enforcement, which in turn reinforces the idea that these people are criminals in the first place.”

Infectious – The two most recent episodes of the Endless Thread podcast cover the history of vaccination and the modern arguments over it. Includes an interview with Paul Offit.



Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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