Quickies: How many more of our stories do we need to tell?

And when good scientists go bad

How many more stories do we have to tell? – “It’s dispiriting that once again, women feel compelled to participate in what feels like an endless drip of confession, one whose intended audience refuses to not only listen but ideologically refutes the very premise of those experiences.” There is value in sharing our stories so that we do not feel alone, and to connect us to others with our experiences. But constantly being expected to tell our stories in order to validate our experience and our right to bodily autonomy is exhausting.

When good scientists go bad – An excellent comic on the foibles of physicists, featuring the work of Mad Art Lab’s own Maki Naro.

Yeast from butterflies used to brew beer – “Yeast wants to attract pollinators and they are attracted to the aroma of flowers, so the yeast produces similar aromatic compounds.”

Abortion rights are under serious attack, here’s how men can help – Amanda Marcotte on how men can lend their support to women.



Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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