Quickies: Anti-Abortion Laws & Lizzo’s Authenticity

Not to mention some twitter etiquette when posting negative reviews

  • Anti-Abortion Laws Will Put Women in Jail
    “As more states try to adopt what are essentially full bans on abortion, I’ve seen some on the right argue that criminalizing the procedure won’t really punish women?—?that no matter what the law says, in reality no one is going to put a woman in jail for getting an abortion. This is absolutely not true, and we have proof: Women are already being arrested and put in jail because of anti-choice laws?—?even with the protection of Roe v. Wade.
  • Lizzo was the Met Galas Most Authentic
    “It’s not just that we don’t get to see women like Lizzo in the public eye, that’s true, but she’s exactly the kind of celebrity you want to see explode – and have a platform. She’s using it to live out loud as a queer Black woman with a message that actually amounts to women empowerment, not merely the popularized alluding to it.”
  • Definitely Don’t Tag Authors in Your Negative Review of their Books
    The title speaks for itself. It’s ok to discuss your negative opinion on a piece of media, but tagging the creator of that work in your bad review is rude, so don’t do it!

Jamie Bernstein

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