Quickies: A world built for men & a new generation of villainous women characters

And the problem with supplements

Men rigged a world built for them and called it ‘neutral’—women call bullshit –  “It’s not that I think we should rebuild the world for women, but it might be a decent experiment for, say, five years. Then men could experience what it feels like to be erased from the public consciousness, to not even be considered “the public” at all.”

On a new generation of villainous women – “This recontextualization hasn’t been limited to the real world, either. Just as #MeToo and Time’s Up have given so many real women control of their own narratives, so too have contemporary novelists given the witches, evil queens, and wicked stepmothers of our childhoods a new voice, shifting each tale’s narrative frame just enough that the misogynistic forces at the root of the villainization of each of these infamous women is laid bare.”

The problem with supplements – “The lesson here isn’t that supplements give people cancer. Rather, it’s that approaching supplements as though they’re all upside is a misguided and potentially harmful operating philosophy. When you swallow a capsule packed with concentrated amounts of a vitamin, nutrient, or other substance—a practice that did not become widespread until very recently—you can get into trouble.”






Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. 5″ of height gives average men an 8% longer reach, but, due to the square/cube law, 12% more mass and significantly more torque when making those long reaches… I wonder how they would fare on rock-climbing routes designed by and for women? I think this is a form of expectation bias… On average, everyone is like me, when by “average”, I mean “people like me”.

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