Quickies: Evangelical Teen Magazine, the Insulting Childbirth Experiences for People with Disabilities, and Raw Milk Causes Illness

  • The Insulting Childbirth Experiences Mothers With Disabilities Endure – ” ‘My parents were told when I was born that I would never have a child,’ Nikki says. Growing up, when her cousins would play house, Nikki would hang off to the side, sure that being a mommy wasn’t in her future. When she moved to Minnesota from Wisconsin at 22 and went to a gynecologist to request a pap smear and contraception, she recalls the physician asking her, ‘Is it even possible for you to have intercourse?’ (Most people with disabilities can, as trained doctors should already know.)”
  • Raw milk and cheese cause 840 times more illnesses than pasteurized products – “Before it was adopted, illnesses caused by milk consumption were common — a fact that appears to have been lost with the passage of time, Smith said. ‘I think people just kind of forget how things used to be before we had these public health advances.’ “
  • The Sexist Formula for Dressing “Professionally” As A Woman That I Learned Running a Website That Crowdsources First Impressions of LinkedIn Photos – “At that time (my early 20s), I just wanted to look pretty without seeming like I was trying too hard. (Read: as hard as I was actually trying.) That was back before my perception of how I looked was further complicated by the opinions of people who had power over my career.”
  • Old Girlfriends and Authors Are Attempting to Delegitimize Barack and Michelle’s Black Love – “These women might not be bitter, but they might not understand that—although there is a part of blackness that can be verbalized to them—someone who is not black can never truly know it. While it might be a difficult concept for white biographers and for Caucasian women whom society has deemed the gold standard of beauty and femininity to grasp, there is the possibility that a man who contemplated and even questioned his blackness his entire life might want someone who he felt truly knew him completely.”
  • Evangelical teen magazine Brio returns to counter the heathens at Teen Vogue – “Of the magazine, Focus on the Family content development VP Bob DeMoss (because of course a man is in charge of all this nonsense) says the magazine will present a ‘biblical’ worldview in regards to abortion, premarital sex, and LGBT people, and specifically cites Teen Vogue as ‘a magazine that has lost its way’ and needs to be saved by the power of Christ and long sleeved turtlenecks.”

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. You know, regarding the return of Brio, it’s a heck if a time for them to be countering the “devils” at Teen Vogue, when Teen Vogue was always known for advice on fashion, boys, and sexy stuff, as well as stuff about “worldly” celebrities – all of these things have always been associated with the devil in Evangelical Christianity, particularly the really devout circles. This makes me think that Teen Vogue’s resistance to Trump, and their newfound political activism (or at least significant increase in political activism) are really what the people at Brio are trying to counter, not the other “devilish” things that both Teen Vogue and grown-up Vogue have always been known for, along with other teen and girlie magazines like Seventeen and Cosmo.

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