Quickies: A day without women, being child-free, and the new Storm

  • What would a literal day without a woman do to the world? – “Yes, in this hypothetical scenario, people would generally be making more money, but that’s only because in the real world, the wage gap still exists between women and men, and women also work significantly more minimum wage jobs than men (almost 66%).”
  • Child-free and okay with it, but still dealing with moral scolding and social disapproval – ““Those who were voluntarily child-free elicited greater moral outrage and were also seen as being less psychologically fulfilled,” Ashburn-Nardo explained. “To me, that really is indicative not just of a descriptive norm of what’s happening in the world, but more of a prescriptive, like this is an expectation that people should want to have children.””
  • Yona Harvey, first black woman to pen “Storm” for Marvel – “Harvey talks about transitioning from poetry and prose to comics, what she hopes to bring to Storm in The Crew, and what her kids think about her new gig.”
  • Housekeepers vs. Harvard: Feminism for the age of Trump – “The housekeepers figured that if Sandberg talked with Harvard administrators, they might listen to one of their most famous graduates. According to the union, Sandberg said she didn’t have time. Or, in Lemus’s blunter assessment: “Maybe she wasn’t going to have a moment for those of us who are just workers in the lower classes. She had more important things with people from upper classes.””


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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