Quickies: Adding Pockets to Dresses, Wig-Snatching Schemes, and Anti-Vax Doctors

  • The Elaborate Wig-Snatching Schemes of the 18th Century – “Socialites had to be extra cautious of wig snatchers. Throughout England and Europe, finely powdered perukes, also called periwigs, were in vogue among royal courts and the upper class. The more ornate and towering your wig, the higher your social standing. The expensive and easily removable headpieces led to a series of wig thefts: surprisingly elaborate and creative robberies involving animals, long poles, and young boys hauled on the shoulders of impostor butchers.”
  • Anti-vaccine rant exposes conflict over hospitals’ embrace of alternative medicine – “In the span of a few days, the anti-vaccine screed of a Cleveland Clinic doctor prompted a social media firestorm, an apparent retraction from the physician, and promises of disciplinary action by administrators of his prestigious hospital system. But those reactions will not entirely contain the damage caused by the rant, which has already been picked up by anti-vaccine organizations, or address a more fundamental question: Why do hospitals that espouse evidence-based medical care operate alternative medicine institutes that offer treatments with little foundation in science?”
  • I’m Fasting For Science: Will It Help Tame My Multiple Sclerosis? – “What researchers do know, Roman says, is that intermittent fasting is one of many ways to change the makeup of the microbiome, and it can quell the inflammatory symptoms of MS — at least in mice. To help shed light on the relationships between fasting and the microbiome and inflammation and multiple sclerosis in humans, researchers at Hopkins will inspect gut bacteria in study participants, before, during and after the six-month period of fasting. Two random mornings a week, Roman sends text messages, asking participants to photograph all of our food intake for the day.”
  • Memory-boosting supplement Prevagen has no scientific backing, FTC says – “The study found statistically significant benefits, but according to the complaint, that was not seen in the first analysis of the study data as a whole. The researchers proceeded to parcel the data into multiple subgroup analyses and eventually found only a few that ‘do not provide reliable evidence of a treatment effect,’ the complaint says.”
  • A Sober Utopia – “In a remote corner of Colorado, a radical experiment is underway to rehabilitate the state’s most downtrodden residents.” People are taking lessons from “Housing First” programs and adding patient-led recovery with very good results.
  • Add Pockets to Any Skirt or Dress Without Ruining the Look – “It’s criminal that so many women’s clothes don’t come with pockets, even in skirts or dresses where they’d be easy to hide. Take matters into your own hands: This video shows you how to add pockets to a skirt or dress you already own.”

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. Wait until you see actual medical schools discussing “the vaccine-autism crisis”. (Crisis? The only crisis is caused by people thinking there’s a vaccine-autism link.) That was back in the ZOMG MERCURY!!!!1!one phase of the “autism epidemic”.

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